Sylvia Glass: Supervisor, Broad Run

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Sylvia Glass: Supervisor, Broad Run

Supervisor Sylvia Glass claims to fight systemic racism while supporting historically racist policies. She supports gender confusion in the name of so-called “equity,” a policy that jeopardizes county youth and places them in greater danger of suicide. She has belittled parents’ concerns about sexual assaults in the public schools.


–Glass has campaigned to “fully fund” schools, including supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. But as a Democrat, she supports so-called “equity” in education, which waters down mathematics to combat alleged systemic racism. The belief that racism permeates education, including an objective study like math, does not promote the excellence in education Glass claims to advocate. In tweets, Glass has insisted that systemic racism has undermined her son’s high school experience.


–When the Board of Supervisors passed a public building gun ban in 2021, Glass ridiculed conceal carry permit holders as fearful, questioning their constitutional right to bear arms. “I keep hearing, you know, Loudoun is (the) safest place to live. But it seems like a lot of people obviously don’t think that it’s the safest place to live if you have to have a gun with you everywhere you go,” she said. “You know, it sounds like that person that’s carrying their weapon everywhere they go, they’re the one that’s fearful, they’re the one that’s afraid.” Glass and her Democratic colleagues are out of touch with reality in supporting gun control and taking guns from law-abiding citizens, especially conceal carry permit holders. A landmark study of FBI crime data found that conceal carry laws reduce murders, rapes, aggravated assaults and robberies. Instead of targeting criminals, the Democrats disarm honest citizens, making them vulnerable. 


–Furthermore, though she is Black, Glass supports gun control laws, which historically have been used to suppress slave rebellions and deny Black people the ability to defend themselves. In supporting gun control, she is out of touch with her minority constituents. The National Shooting Sports Foundation surveys of firearm retailers showed that African Americans bought firearms in 2020 at a rate of 58% higher than 2019. Hispanic Americans, at the same time, purchased firearms at a 49% higher rate and Asian Americans at a 43% higher rate. The Guardian reported that Black Americans “flocked” to gun stores and clubs in 2020, and National Public Radio has said that “in recent years more Black Americans are buying guns.”


–Glass has been vocal in her support of the LGBTQ+ community, claiming that transgenders have been used as “scapegoats.” She has tweeted that she is “perplexed as to why recognizing the LGBTQ+ community is somehow a problem.” Acceptance of LGBTQ+ is not the issue. The activists in that camp insist that others not just tolerate, but condone LGBTQ+ sexual behavior, even if it is against their religious beliefs. They redefine morality and call those who disagree with them bigots. In her support for this activism, Glass elevates LGBTQ+ rights at the expense of religious liberty.


–She also supports transgender “equity” in schools at the expense of privacy and safety for biological males and females. This is despite sexual assaults of biological girls by an alleged transgender female. She belittled parental concerns about sexual assault as “scare tactics.” What some parents may view as pornographic or age-inappropriate literature, Glass supports wholeheartedly, saying: “I have also continually seen gay literature skewed as evil books that must be banned.”


–In her avid support of transgenders, Glass undermines progress of biological females, who should not compete with transgender females in sports or be exposed to biological males in locker rooms and bathrooms. In her advocacy of gender confusion especially among the young, she endangers those she claims to support. She tweets support for the Loudoun Coalition on Women and Girls, an organization whose recent study determined that in Loudoun County nearly one in three high school girls said they had considered suicide, a 60% rise in the past decade; nearly 15% had been forced to have sex; and about six in 10 girls were so persistently sad or hopeless they stopped regular activities. Transgenderism compounds these problems. A national study recently found that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide, with suicide trending highest among transgender youth. 

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