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THEY KNEW! Loudoun County School Board Superintendent Found Guilty.

A Loudoun County jury found former School Board Superintendent Scott Ziegler guilty of retaliation against a teacher, Ms. Erin Brooks. Ms. Brooks was Loudoun’s 2021 Special Education Teacher of the Year. Ziegler fired Ms. Erin Brooks last year for embarrassing him and the school board during a period when the school board was receiving a lot of unwanted national attention.  

A compliant and complicit school board aided and abetted Ziegler in firing Ms. Brooks. The same school board gave Ziegler a $28K pay raise in July 2022. The same school board that gave Ziegler a $323K severance rather than fire him for cause in December 2022 due to covering up sexual assaults in our high schools. 

  • Harris Mahedavi is running for re-election to the school board in Broad Run and will be the school board chair if he wins.  
  • Erika Ogedegbe is running for re-election to the school board in Leesburg.  
  • April Chandler is running for the school board in Algonkian. Chandler is on the staff of current School Board Member Atoosa Reaser.  
  • Atoosa Reaser is running for the House of Delegates, 27th district.

Mahedavi, Ogedegbe, Chandler, and Reaser. They all knew the truth and did nothing.

Be sure and grab a Republican sample ballot when you go vote.

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