Why Do Loudoun Citizens Need a Republican-Majority BOS?

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Why Do Loudoun Citizens Need a GOP-Majority BOS?

Today, there are six Democrats on the Board of Supervisors who represent and defend the moral and political rot that has permeated Loudoun County, or even worse, who stay silent while it takes place. They have no respect for the Loudoun taxpayers but instead are focused on indulging their political biases and imposing their culture wars on us all. The current BOS has wasted its time creating and addressing imaginary problems that nobody needs or cares about while creating a crisis of scandals for Loudoun County residents. Additionally, they refuse to be transparent about spending allocated to their pet projects while also preventing citizens from understanding where our tax dollars are going and to whom.

Thankfully, the Loudoun County voters have an option in 2023. The GOP candidates will bring back sanity and professionalism to managing Loudoun County affairs for the benefit of taxpayers, including the consideration of the following:

  • Reducing property taxes by 5% each year for the next four years,
  • Breaking the cycle of operational and moral corruption in County and school operations after eight years of incompetence and progressive debasement,
  • Putting parents first in relation to their children and their well-being over a system controlled by a few ideologues,
  • Providing “adult supervision” by rebalancing the ideological one-party Chair rule that has existed for the past eight years, 
  • Delivering business management of the local government,
  • Eliminating “Illinois-style” corruption, culture wars, and constant divisiveness in our local governance,
  • Offering transparency and anti-corruption in government operations, and
  • Electing candidates who reflect the needs of a highly diverse and professional community.

But most important, after eight years of Democrat-led BOS, citizens need to understand what is going on.   Just like banks force some employees to take time off to check if everything still balances, we need to check on Democrat Supervisors.   

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