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Censure of LCPS Chairman, Jeff Morse LCRC Resolution 2023-03

LCRC Resolution 2023-03

Whereas on February 14, 2023, Mr. Jeffrey “Jeff” Morse i) voted against a motion to release a redacted and privacy-preserving version of an independent investigator’s report, ii) paid for with county funds, iii) that assessed the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Administration’s actions regarding two confirmed sexual assaults, iv) that occurred on separate days during school hours on school property, v) thereby failing to protect all other students, vi) by allowing the perpetrator to remain in two schools for multiple days, vii) despite the fact that on December 13, 2022, Mr. Morse publicly affirmed the compelling need for the report’s release;

Whereas as Chairman of the School Board, Mr. Morse had foreknowledge of criminality by the LCPS Administration regarding both the existence and truthfulness of public communications related to the ongoing events, yet he and Vice Chairman Ian Serotkin jointly published the following false statement on December 5, 2022, further exacerbating public distrust in the School Board: “We are pleased that the Special Grand Jury’s extensive investigation found no evidence of criminal conduct on the part of anyone within LCPS, and not a single indictment was filed as a result of this lengthy process;”

Whereas on January 17, 2022, Mr. Morse acted in defiance of newly-elected Republican Governor Youngkin’s Executive Order 02 when he voted in favor of extending the COVID-19 mask-wearing mandate, thereby overriding parents’ exclusive Constitutional right to make decisions in the best interest of their children; and

Whereas on June 24, 2019, Mr. Morse sought and received the endorsement of the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) for his Dulles District candidacy for Loudoun County School Board; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, effective immediately, the Loudoun County Republican Committee hereby formally censures and rescinds all endorsements of Mr. Morse. Such rescission includes immediate removal of all public statements of support towards Mr. Morse by the LCRC and prohibits Mr. Morse from any future verbal or written communications, statements, or affirmations of Republican support by Mr. Morse.

Be it proclaimed, that the LCRC is a staunch advocate for the rights and protections of all children, regardless of race, religion, national origin, or sex, and that parents have the exclusive Constitutional right to raise their children as they see fit, including attending the schools of their choice. Student and parental rights are preeminent over

those of all government institutions. Complementing the rights of students and parents, the LCRC is an advocate for teacher job safety and their partnership with parents.

Be it ordered, that a copy of this resolution be mailed to Mr. Morse at LCPS and the address listed on his Friends of Jeff Morse candidate campaign committee’s Statement of Organization, and all mentions of Mr. Morse on the LCRC’s public-facing website be removed and archived with this notice of censure.

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