Hung Cao is the GOP candidate for US Congress for Virginia’s 10th District

His background is reflective of the growing diversity of the 10th district.  He was born in Vietnam, grew up in West Africa, and returned to the U.S. in 1982. He was with the first graduating class of the selective and competitive Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Hung graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a BS in Ocean Engineering.

Hung holds a Master’s in Applied Physics, and he is an MIT and Harvard Fellow.
Hung retired in October 2021 as Captain, having spent 25 years in Navy Special Operations where he commanded various special operations units around the world. During his last combat deployment in 2020-2021, he was the Director of counter-improvised Threats throughout Afghanistan.

Hung worked with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force for four years alongside law enforcement. Hung programmed and balanced the Navy’s $140B annual budget. In Hung’s final assignment, he led the Department of Defense in Sensitive Activities.

Hung currently works at CACI International. He is the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization that helps visually impaired children. He is a Christian mentor and led mission trips around the world. Hung is on the board of Advisors for a national Veteran Services Organization. Hung is married to April, an EMT and they homeschooled their five children.  

He is ready to address the challenges that face our country.  Among his many goals, these are the ones that come to the top.  

  • We need to harness the American Spirit of innovation that allowed us to create the lightbulb, the automobile, the airplane, the radio, and the telephone. We need to get Government out of our business and let Americans be Americans
  • The federal government needs to balance the budget, provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare. Most other activities need to be delegated to the States in accordance with the Tenth Amendment
  • We need to be energy independent as we were a year ago. This will correct 90% of our current problems of high gas prices, food prices, unemployment, and inflation.
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