Michael Rivera

My name is Michael Rivera, and I am running for the Leesburg District seat on the Loudoun County School Board.  I have been married to my wife, Paula, for sixteen years; I am father to two children in Loudoun County Public schools, Gabriel and Olivia; and I am a proud law enforcement officer in Loudoun County.  I got involved in matters of the school board about two years ago when I was made aware of racism being taught to my son in middle school.  I cannot sit back and watch the public school system suffer at the hands of elected officials that do not have our best interests in mind and I sincerely hope I can make a difference.

The entire public school system in the United States is under assault by people that wish to oversexualize children, teach racism, and maintain identity politics front and center. Children are born innocent and as parents we have an obligation to protect that innocence.  Children will learn and absorb whatever they are taught and if they are taught to recognize skin color to determine the value of others as children, they will behave that way as adults.

The overarching principles of my campaign are 1) protect and defend parent’s right and 2) promote academic instruction and the removal of identity politics from the classroom.  Those two principles are very fundamental and intuitive. At no point in time should any government institution assume that they can step in between a parent and child or that they know better for our children. Identity politics have corrupted academic instruction and have derailed the development of critical thinking skills and replaced it with emotions and feelings. The trends in public education today are doing a disservice not only to all children but to parents and society overall.

By running for elected office, I intend to remain true to my obligation to represent the voters and not my personal preferences or political aspirations. Members of government in the United States only have authority that is granted to them by the people.  Our current elected officials have strayed far from their oaths and must be removed so we have a government of, by, and for the people of Loudoun County.

Facebook: Michael Rivera @rivera4schools
Twitter: @rivera4schools
Web: www.riveraforschools.com

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