John Spence

My wife Gail and I have lived in Leesburg since 2005 and in Loudoun County since 1998. I have a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Houston, TX, and I’m a licensed architect in VA, working for Hughes Group Architects as a Senior Construction Administrator.

We have 4 children, all graduated from Loudoun County Public Schools.

I’m running for the Leesburg town council because I’ve been alarmed by the infringements on individual freedoms the current town council implemented over the past couple years including vaccine mandates and business limitations and closures that have negatively impacted residents, business owners and employees, and Town employees.

I  want to lend my voice and vote to guiding the decisions made by the council regarding: quality of life issues for our Leesburg neighbors, supporting and touting local businesses, facilitating the growth of the town in a logical and beneficial manner, improving and addressing problems with public services, and facilitating actual public safety.

I strongly believe that everyone in Leesburg, whether residents, business owners, employees, or visitors should be free to work and play and enjoy our wonderful town as they desire, with the approval of the town council and without any unusual obstructions.

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