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PROTECT ELECTION INTEGRITY! Contact Governor Youngkin to use his veto pen!

The House of Delegates has passed several bills listed below that if passed by the democrat-controlled General Assembly will damage Virginia’s ability to keep elections safe and fair. Governor Youngkin needs to hear from you to veto these bills if they reach his desk.

Contact Governor Youngkin at

HB 26 – Adds more types of “acceptable” Voter identification.  This bill is unnecessary because the reality is that in Virginia, no voter ID is required to vote. Any voter who comes to a polling place without acceptable ID can simply fill out an ID Confirmation form saying they are who they say they are and be given a ballot to vote. No address, date of birth, or SSN# is necessary.

HB 623 – Removes decision making authority from local Electoral Boards. This bill prevents local Electoral Boards from managing election days, hours, and locations during early voting based on expected turnout for the type of election. Primary elections have much smaller voter turnout than general elections in November. This bill makes it a civil offense, prosecutable in a court of law, for an electoral board to do what the law currently allows.

HB 1408 – Removes decision making authority from local Electoral Boards and centralizes election decisions for Early Voting with the Virginia Department of Elections. Similar to HB 623, this bill centralizes authority on Early Voting days, hours, and locations with the Virginia Department of Elections. This bill fails to recognize that each county is different in population and density. Local Electoral Boards are best suited to make these decisions.  

HB 1490 Gives the decisions on days and hours of early voting to the Board of Supervisors or City Council.  The purpose of an Electoral Board is to specialize in the management and oversight of elections. This bill nullifies current Virginia law and gives election oversight to a body that doesn’t specialize in election oversight.

HB 904 – Removes many sections of current law that enable General Registrars to keep updated and accurate Registered Voter Lists. This bill will remove necessary Voter List Maintenance tools and deadlines that provide the accountability for maintaining accurate and current Virginia Registered Voter Lists. The bill also adds bureaucratic and irrelevant reporting requirements to General Registrars. 

HB 939 Extends the prohibition of possessing a firearm from 40-feet to 100-feet of polling locations. The 100-foot extension is excessive and unwarranted. This bill restricts and punishes citizens for exercising their Second Amendment rights.

HB 942 – Prohibits the placement of a polling station within a police station or sheriff’s office. This bill is unnecessary and stigmatizes our police and sheriffs. 

HB 1177 – Forces Virginia to rejoin ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center. ERIC is an unaccountable, non-transparent, third party, partisan organization that failed to ensure Voter Roll accuracy. Having failed to deliver improved Voter Rolls, Virginia and many other states have left ERIC.

HB 1454 – Removes identifying features used to distinguish between citizen and non-citizen state-issued driver’s permits and special ID cards.

HB 1534 – Suppresses voter’s right to challenge another voter’s registration directly to the Registrar. This bill unrealistically requires someone to challenge another voter’s registration in court which is not possible within the immediate timeframe that would be occurring when voting at the polling place.

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