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LOUDOUN COUNTY, VIRGINIA, JULY 27, 2023 – Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall has been caught using taxpayer dollars to pay for luxurious, all-expenses paid, first-class travel, 5-star resort vacations to:

South Korea (2 trips)

WJLA news recently interviewed Phyllis Randall on the trip to Ghana.

During the interview, Randall displayed the arrogance that comes from a deep sense of entitlement and superiority brushing off the lavish expenses with a simple, “I’m the chief elected official of the county.”  

What was the purpose of our “chief elected official’s” trip to Ghana? To sign a sister city agreement.  

For such an important event, Randall needed a retinue. So, she brought along her Chief of Staff Matt Rogers, Broad Run Supervisor Sylvia Glass and her Chief of Staff Kent Erwin, and Sterling Supervisor Koran Saines. 

Randall also brought along her husband, a campaign donor (Is that a form of pay-to-play?), the Executive Director of the Loudoun Economic Development Authority Buddy Rizer (that’s where the taxpayer money came from), plus several others.

And what else did Randall and her entourage do on their getaway to Ghana?  Visit the usual tourist sites including a chocolate business. (By the way, on Randall’s trip to Uruguay, the itinerary included tours of wineries and a cannabis factory. We can only guess why their return trip included taxpayer-funded overweight baggage fees.)  

Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd expressed concerns over the Board of Supervisors (BOS) trips, including the extravagant costs, mingling campaign donations with government efforts, and the large number of Randall’s escorts. Not to mention that Ghana has significant issues concerning child labor, discrimination against women, and criminalization of same-sex relationships.

Randall’s dishonest use of taxpayer dollars to pay for luxurious world-wide excursions is an abuse of power. Her false image of fiscal responsibility while secretly indulging in self-serving practices is a betrayal of the public trust.  Public funds are meant for our collective good. Diverting these funds for personal gain displays a profound lack of integrity and moral principles.  

Chair of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, Scott Pio, commented, “This isn’t the behavior of a faithful public servant. This is the behavior of a corrupt politician with no regard for her constituents. The media has a responsibility to get to the bottom of Randall and the Loudoun Board of Supervisors’ tax-payer funded vacation scandals.”

Public faith in our government is eroding. Randall’s scandals and the corruption of our Board of Supervisors have fostered a climate of cynicism and disillusionment.

Rapper, actor, filmmaker Ice Cube said it best. “Politicians only really pay attention to the people that give them money. Everybody else is kind of an extra in their movie. ‘We love you in the scene, but we can do the scene without you.’”

In 2023, there are over 30 local elections in Loudoun County that will affect you, your children and their education, and your community. Do your research. Protect your family, your values, your community.

This election, remind Phyllis Randall and our current Board of Supervisors that after 8 years of being in power, we’re not just extras in their movie. 

This election, get out and vote for a change in leadership. Vote your values and give Republicans a chance to work for you.

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