Some Background on Democrat Loudoun County Supervisors

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Some Background on Democratic Loudoun County Supervisors

All Loudoun County citizens have reasonable expectations to be represented by people who have their best interest in mind and who thoughtfully allocate our tax dollars for maximum benefit to the community.

Sadly, this is not what the voters are getting with these six elected Democratic Supervisors. Their record is one of adopting every possible foolishness promoted by the Democrat Party nationally, from embracing criminals to gender confusion and attacks on the first amendment, while at the same time being nasty and derisive when engaging voters who question their motives. In summary, our current Democrat BOS can be described as:

Phyllis Randall — Cynical, divisive, narcissistic

Mike Turner — Radical left zealot

Kristen Umstaddt — Votes with the radical left

Sylvia Glass — Why am I here?

Koran Saines — Thinks like he is still in high school

Julie Briskman — Free speech for me but not for you

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