Loudoun Democrat Board of Supervisors

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Loudoun Democrats Board of Supervisors

Democrats on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

There are six Democrats on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors who follow the national Democrat Party in its woke and totalitarian ideas.  None of these Democrats deserve to be reelected.  In their place, we need a GOP majority to bring about normalcy to Loudoun County and the separation of government functions from the Democrat Party’s totalitarian ideology.  Below you will find links to additional content that details the negatives policies and actions the Democrats have had on Loudoun County. 

Loudoun County Democrat Supervisors  

How Do the Loudoun Democrat Supervisors Disrespect Citizens?

Do the Divisive Loudoun Democrat Supervisors Deserve to Represent Us? 

Why Do Loudoun Citizens Need a GOP-Majority BOS?

Some Background on Democratic Loudoun County Supervisors

Proceed With Caution: What Should Citizens Expect From Democrat Supervisors if Re-Elected?

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